Anthology® Student

by Anthology Inc.

A cloud-based student information system that promotes student success from acceptance to graduation

Developed on top of Microsoft Azure, Anthology Student is a flexible, cloud-based student information system (SIS) that empowers community colleges and private institutions to offer a variety of learning pathways designed to deliver a personalized student experience. It promotes student success across the entire academic lifecycle by dynamically growing and adapting to the ever-changing ways you deliver instruction. When paired with the complete set of Anthology Payroll, Finance and HCM functionality, Anthology Student is an integral part of a higher education ERP system that streamlines operations across all facets of the institution and makes it easier to interact with third parties for greater efficiency.

Top benefits Anthology Student’s higher education clients value the product’s ability to:

1. Offer an exceptional SIS that’s built on top of the platform we trust, Microsoft.

• Anthology Student is delivered from Microsoft Azure and seamlessly integrates with Azure AD, Azure Storage, Azure Networking (LB, Gateway, etc.).

2. Deliver flexible academic programs.

Anthology Student:

  • Is the only SIS on the market that offers a single, centralized solution to support standard, nonstandard, and nonterm academic programs.
  • Delivers insightful enrollment projections for responsive course scheduling.
  • Offers flexible academic models where an institution can configure academic year lengths, borrower-based and scheduled academic year financial aid, parent/child terms, and varying tuition models for differing academic deliveries.
  • Is the only SIS to concurrently support credit hour, clock hour, non-credit, term-based, and nonterm-based calendars natively.

3. Drive an increase in student success by intelligently leveraging data.

Anthology Student delivers:

  • Early, data-driven alerts that identify and help at-risk students.
  • Intuitive student progress reports that trigger intervention strategies by connecting students to resources through automated workflows
  • Personalized support plans and academic services based on student needs.
  • The ability to manage internships and externships within career services to strategically match students to employment opportunities.
  • To state and accrediting bodies your critical and necessary institutional effectiveness data, such as IPEDS, FISAP, and reconciliation reports.

4. Improve operational efficiency by freeing your faculty, staff, and administrators from manual processes so they can spend more time with students

  • Personalized and timely communications to increase student engagement.
  • Easy access to critical data, department-specific workflows, and customized alerts to emphasize persistence and completion.
  • Mobile access and self-service for students and faculty to complete processes online and facilitate sharing of information.

5. Accelerate your institution’s digital transformation plans with a true SaaS-based/cloud-based solution that streamlines maintenance and administration.

  • Introduces a wide variety of cloud-first features, like Faculty Workload Management, as well as performance and security improvements.
  • Is delivered on Microsoft Azure, making it easy for any institution to seamlessly integrate with Azure AD for a consistent and familiar user login experience, achieve regulatory compliance for key industry standards – like SOC2, access comprehensive insights and analytics with Power BI, and strengthen your institution’s overall security posture.
  • Can lower your overall cost of ownership, accelerate their pace of innovation, scale on-demand to match changes in student and faculty population, streamline ongoing maintenance and upkeep, and truly optimize the overall efficiency of the institution.

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