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by BeeKeeperAI, Inc.

Enabling secure and ethical computing on real world, protected data

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BeeKeeperAI safely accelerates artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm development and deployment by leveraging Azure Confidential Computing capabilities within a zero trust and sightless computing environment.

Our EscrowAI collaboration platform enables algorithm developers to compute securely and ethically on real-world, protected data. The platform enables optimal algorithm development, deployment, and ongoing monitoring for use cases that require:

  • Data that cannot be de-identified (genomic, retinal, social determinants of health)
  • Small datasets that are difficult to de-identify (rare disease)
  • Data that is too sensitive to risk exposure (mental health)
  • De-identification efforts that are time consuming or too costly

Value to Health Systems

EscrowAI enables health systems (data stewards) to:

  • Create new, ethical, and safe commercial data agreements
  • Reduce the risk profile of third-party data utilization, including the potential for sanctions from re-identification
  • Streamline implementation, contracting, and IRB approvals
  • Advance their mission of innovation
  • Protect institutional brand reputation

Value to Algorithm Owners

EscrowAI enables algorithm owners to:

  • Access PHI data that has been historically difficult or even impossible to access
  • Create new revenue streams by accelerating the time to market for AI-driven tools
  • Protect the intellectual property of the algorithm
  • Establish a scalable infrastructure to support multi-site development and deployment

How it Works

EscrowAI’s secure workflows between data stewards and algorithm owners:

  • Enable the protected data to never leave the data steward’s secure Azure cloud environment
  • Ensure the protected, real world data is never seen nor shared with the algorithm owner
  • Protect the intellectual property of the algorithm as it is sent to the data steward’s environment
  • Enable the protected algorithm to compute against the protected real world data in a secure enclave resulting in a confidential performance report for the algorithm owner
  • Support multi-site, federated computation

BeeKeeperAI Operates within the Security of Azure Cloud

EscrowAI is a SaaS offering available in the Azure Cloud environment requiring little time to activate.

Additional Information

BeeKeeperAI will be posting a sales and product demo on or before the end of October 2022.

Check back with the hive for new updates and information!

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