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BigID enables security, compliance, privacy, & governance for all data, multi-cloud and beyond.

BigID enables security, compliance, privacy, & governance for all data, everywhere: including the multicloud, SaaS, Iaas, PaaS, on-prem environments, and more - across structured, unstructured, and semi structured data.

BigID is enterprise-ready and built to scale: enabling a data-centric approach to comprehensive cloud data security & DSPM, accelerating compliance, automating privacy, and streamlining governance. With BigID, organizations can leverage industry-leading ML and AI to find, classify, and inventory their sensitive, personal, critical, and regulated data; automate controls for security, privacy, and governance; and reduce risk, integrate with their ecosystem (with native integrations across AWS, GCP, Azure, Wiz, Cyberark, Hashicorp, Splunk, ServiceNow, Alation, and more)

Data Discovery: Automatically discover & classify all data and metadata for structured and unstructured, across the cloud and on-prem.

Data Inventory & Mapping: Identify sensitive, personal, regulated, critical, and duplicate data - including identity-aware data mapping, unique identifiers, customer IDs, and intellectual property.

AI Risk Management: Accelerate AI adoption, prepare data as safe for AI, and minimize risk of data leaks and breaches

Data Security: Transform data security with risk management, DSPM, access intelligence, data remediation, data deletion, labeling, and data lifecycle management. Manage insider risk, reduce the attack surface, and activate Zero Trust.

Regulatory Compliance: Meet global and local regulatory requirements like GDPR, CPRA, ITAR, and more;align with security frameworks like NIST and HiTrust, and proactively manage your regulated data.

Privacy Automation: Manage privacy requirements with a privacy portal, automated data rights fulfillment, consent governance, preference management, RoPA & PIA, cookies, management, and data mapping

Data Governance: Get AI Automation for data governance - tag, classify, and manage large data sets; improve data quality, automate data retention, and enrich your data catalogs with metadata exchange and context.

As the market-leading DSPM (data security posture management), DPM (data privacy management) and DSP (data security) platform, BigID helps customers of all sizes know their data, control their data, and take action on the data that matters most.

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