BigID Data Discovery & Cataloging

by BigID

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Find, Classify, and Catalog Sensitive & Personal Data

BigID redefines data privacy and protection: helping organizations know their data for privacy, protection and perspective. BigID uses advanced machine learning and data intelligence to help enterprises better manage and protect their customer, sensitive, and regulated data, meet data privacy and protection regulations such as the EU GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act, and leverage unmatched coverage for all data across all data stores.

BigID discovers, inventories, and catalogs data (and metadata) across the enterprise infrastructure, enabling customers to build and maintain a unified catalog for Azure data centers and Office 365 environments. BigID supports structured and unstructured data across Azure File Store, Azure Object Store, data lakes, relational databases like Microsoft SQL, and Office 365 services. This unified, privacy-aware view facilitates compliant data lake migration and de-risks broader adoption of Azure services, big data and analytics functionality.

BigID provides native integrations with industry leading data governance and security tools to enable additional enrichment with metadata inventory and data discovery insights. Customers can also build their own functionality to present custom perspectives of data, automate data processes, and complement existing tools through the BigID App Framework by leveraging the BigID Data Intelligence Platform.

Together with Microsoft Priva, BigID empowers our joint customers to easily manage data rights requests at scale by discovering, classifying, and connecting personal data to specific individuals across the tools our customers use most, from Microsoft 365 and other apps available through BigID. These requests can then be automatically fulfilled easily and accurately – from right to access to data deletion.

Through integration with Microsoft Purview Information Protection, BigID extends the ability of Microsoft customers to automatically apply labels and policies defined through MIP to all sensitive and personal data – including data outside of Microsoft infrastructure, such as Box or Google Drive.

BigID can apply labels based on risk scores and document classifiers that leverage machine learning for automated insight. Customers can further enrich policies and operationalize data minimization with capabilities for finding and labeling duplicate and similar data at scale. Integrating BigID discovery and classification with MIP policies enables customers to maintain consistent data protection and transfer & align policies across Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint and MS SQL service in Azure and on premise.

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