by Bookbot

Virtual reading assistant that listens to your child read out loud, and helps them as they go along

Bookbot is an app that supports your child as they learn to read. When you subscribe to Bookbot, you can download the app and access a library of specially-written ‘decodable’ books. Here’s the magic bit: Bookbot listens to your child as they read the books, helping them as they go.

Bookbot will guide your child through their reading journey. The first time your child accesses Bookbot, they will be asked to complete a screening exercise. This allows Bookbot to select exactly the right level of books for them to start with - it’s important your little reader gets to experience success at the same as learning. If they struggle with a word, Bookbot will highlight it and allow your child to try again or to get Bookbot read it aloud for them. Bookbot will guide your child in this way through the levels until they become confident, independent readers.

At a glance