BuildingMinds Platform

by BuildingMinds GmbH

The real estate data platform with a plus for institutional and corporate real estate management.

BuildingMinds’ ESG platform with a plus provides a powerful integrated ecosystem with comprehensive services to drive commercial and corporate real estate businesses toward a profitable, low-carbon future.

By going far beyond reporting capabilities, the platform makes sustainability truly actionable. The ESG Management Solution enables customers to:

  • analyze the status quo based on consumption and emissions data from different energy sources and fugitive emissions
  • predict future value by conducting stranding risk and carbon price simulations based on CRREM pathways
  • turn goals into actions and preserve portfolio value by running simulations to identify the retrofit scenario with the best balance of carbon emissions, future carbon savings and capital expenditures

The unique combination of an integrated SaaS cloud platform with a Digital Building Twin at its core and a Common Data Model for Real Estate enables customers to further scale their business insights with myriad use cases ranging from portfolio performance management to space utilization and well-being management.

Headquartered in the heart of Berlin and supported by its founding partner Schindler since 2019, BuildingMinds boasts a team of close to 100 digitization, ESG and industry experts from over 30 countries.

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