Decisio™ Cloud for Water (C4W) – Leakage and Demand Management


Unlock your Water Company's path to Reduced Leakage and Optimised Consumer Demand

Unlock your water company's path to reduced leakage demand with Decisio™ Cloud for Water (C4W) - Leakage and Demand Management.

As the water industry sets its sights on ambitious targets, including a step-change in leakage reduction, our cutting-edge platform is your secret weapon. Leakage reduction and the rollout of various metering technologies are becoming critical interventions to achieve short-, medium-, and long-term outperformance, whilst also mitigating the risk of performance penalties. Let Decisio™ C4W help you achieve these ambitions.

Experience a digital transformation of your tactical and strategic leakage planning efforts, with clear reports and interactive dashboards that empower you to make better, faster, and more coordinated decisions. With adaptive system planning, mass scenario analysis and auto-generation of impacts, you can optimise performance against targets and select the most cost-efficient leakage strategies to avoid double-counting of benefits.

As you face growing customer demand, aging assets, and climate change risks, Decisio™ helps you determine the optimal pathway in the years to come in terms of operational interventions and their sequencing (such as Active Leakage Control, satellite detection, logging, etc.), along with capital-investment interventions (such as mains renewal).

Decisio™ Leakage and Demand Management DBT makes use of very granular network data to understand the leakage that exists within a District Metering Area (DMA) and the demographics that drives the leakage. It is capable of projecting leakage based on the various Natural Rate of Rise (NRR) forecasts methodologies and intervene in those DMAs with the most fitting interventions by providing a strategic investment plan over the coming years to address non-revenue water challenges.

It is also possible to deploy our solution in a more tactical configuration to assist with field resource optimisation for both ALC and repair crews, considering organisational challenges such as defined working region boundaries, leave schedules or limited contractor supply.

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