CitiusTech Gen AI Smart Search

by CitiusTech

Empowers patients to find relevant information about a condition or ailment from providers website

According to industry research, 5 percent of all web searches are health related. However, most healthcare website administrators would prefer visitors not use search engines to find content on their site, but rather use the site’s search capability to better control the experience. Visitors to these websites have specific needs in mind and often are with a high degree of urgency, as they have a medical condition or emergency that needs attention. That's why, it is critical for healthcare entities to provide fast, relevant, and customized search results while potential patient are searching through their websites.

The solution is a Gen AI-based website search solution that uses advanced semantic search algorithms to understand the context of queries and summarizes large texts into short consumable, conversational summaries.

Patient Value Proposition:
Round-the-clock query assistance: Empowers patients with responses from trusted sources whenever they need them. This also helps reduce dependency on doctors.

Personalized responses: Patients can receive recommendations based on their search history on health outcome and preferences.

Physician Value Proposition:
Reduce dependency for patient queries: Physicians can free up time from answering queries to proactively engaging with patients about their health condition

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