Daoura Insights

by CityTech

Analyze the pulse of cities and bring intelligence to the decisions of companies and governments.

This application is available only in Portuguese and Spanish.

In a smart city, measuring and analyzing the city's pulse is essential to make more appropriate decisions. In that sense, there is no better sensor than the citizens themselves, who share their opinions and urban experiences in the digital world.

We know, however, that there is a shortage of tools that unify the process of listening, understanding and acting regarding the problems and demands reported by people through the most diverse internet channels.

Daoura, in its essence, exists to understand these manifestations and generate relevant and targeted information, insights and knowledge, and to provide tools for public and private organizations to help them make better decisions in their relationships with citizens and clients.

Daoura Insights is the platform that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence so that companies and governments can understand the real needs of citizens based on their digital manifestations, and act based on relevant insights and knowledge.

Our platform goes beyond traditional social listening tools, offering listening, understanding and acting solutions based on points of view, trends and priority topics that people are talking about on the internet, automating the entire process of relationship management with citizens.

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