Digital360 Platform

by Civica

Delivering end-to-end citizen services through automation and cloud technology.

A single corporate solution to capture, deliver and communicate data across your organisation

Digital360 is a cloud-enabled multi-channel single integrated digital platform directly supporting all touch points, with powerful automation, workflow and integration at its core. Capturing, delivering and communicating end-to-end services from initial point of contact through to successful fulfilment; supporting your cloud, digital transformation and customer service strategies.


Delivering responsive services

A simple and intuitive user experience for your citizens, employees and partners to facilitate digital transformation, channel shift and business process automation to drive efficiencies, consistent and enhanced service delivery. Enquiries and requests can be dealt with quickly and effectively, improving customer satisfaction and managing the evolving demand on council services.


Streamlining business processes

Powerful and customisable low code forms and workflows enable the automation of consistent business processes plus flexible integration capabilities provide essential information when it’s required. Both improve support for citizens and staff from front to back office, strengthening process transformation and delivering service efficiencies ensuring a complete communication cycle.


Digital360 will enable your organisation to increase operational efficiencies, make tangible savings, and improve customer satisfaction by: 

  • Implementing cloud, digital and customer service strategies.
  • Driving take-up of online customer self-service.
  • Delivering efficient, effective end-to-end service fulfillment.
  • Ensuring consistency across all channels and requests.
  • Increasing productivity, efficiency and resource utilisation.
  • Empowering staff with a single holistic customer record.
  • Removing avoidable contact and reducing demand on services.
  • Creating a paperless process and reutilising office space.
  • Providing valuable analytics, and management information.

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