Non Profit Power Up - Gift Aid Claim Submission

by cloudThing

Automate Gift Aid submissions accurately and swiftly with no manual intervention

Make manual checking of submissions a thing of the past and do it all in-house. Automate the manual checking against HRMC standards and other criteria before you push the button to submit to HMRC for processing and authorisation.

Integrate this nifty Gift Aid processing PowerUp with your CRM and let claim review and approval tools go to work powered by the cloud, giving your charity improved claim accuracy to always meet processing constraints enforced by HRMC.


  • Automated Donation Selection
  • Custom Donation Selection Rules
  • Large Claim Batch Sizing
  • Seamless HRMC Gateway Integration
  • HMRC Claim Criteria Validation
  • Custom Claim Criteria Validation
  • HMRC Claim Correction
  • Custom Claim Correction
  • Claim History View
  • Audit Trail Generation

  • Reduce manual claim management effort
  • Improve claim approval rates
  • Improve claim accuracy
  • Automate Manual Adjustment Processes
  • Remove Third-Party Processing Solutions
  • Automate Submission Schedule
  • Reduce Processing Costs
  • Forecast Claim Revenue
  • Simplified integration with wider business systems
  • Simplified Regulatory Compliance

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