Enhanced Offloaded Auditing for D365 - Audit Away

by cloudThing

Captures CDS record changelogs in real-time, publishing to storage with seamless retrieval on-demand

Cost effective audit log capture and storage. 

Audit Away for the Microsoft Power Platform captures record changelogs in real-time, publishing them to configurable storage targets, seamlessly retrieving them on-demand for viewing later.
A robust, scalable, enterprise-grade solution, Audit Away simplifies meeting your compliance and governance obligations.


  • Reduce storage costs associated with audit logs using offloaded storage solutions
  • Rapidly configure audit capture for multiple usage scenarios
  • Publish audit trails to external destinations such as third parties or partners
  • Customise, extend, and integrate AA easily to meet requirements – without lock-in.


Configurable Audit Log Capture
Complete flexibility to configure multiple audit configurations for different use cases, to satisfy the requirements of your data and governance teams.
  • Enable & Disable Audit - Configure which types of records will cause audit logs to be captured when they are changed.
  • Choose Events - Choose from create, update, delete, or all events.
  • Configure Storage - Specify a storage target to receive audit data. By default, logs are published to Azure Storage.
  • Specify Audit Policy - Note the retention period for audit data, and what should happen upon log expiry.

Cloud Based Storage
Store audited data outside of the CDS in Azure for low cost storage of low usage data, alternatively publish audit logs to another destination using with customised configuration.
  • Azure Cloud Storage -Default configuration stores data in Azure Table Storage, providing high-volume low-cost storage.
  • External API - Configure Audit Away to publish audit logs to another system via an API call.
  • Custom Storage - Customise or extend audit away with additional receivers or publishers.
  • Failover Safe - If the target storage is not available, AA stores the data in the CDS and catches up again later.

Audit History Visualisation & Comparison

Provides CRM users with tools to easily review and correlate historical changes to data so they can be reverted, queried, or reported if required.

History Overview - Easily see when who created, viewed, modified, and deleted records.

Point in Time View - See exactly what fields were changed at a specific point in time.

Simple Comparison - Compare field values as they were and as they are to resolve discrepancies.

Secure - Audit histories are secured through standard Power Platform permissions.

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