eSkola - Educational Data for Governments

by Codevision

eSkola is an online platform to collect, manage and share country Educational Data.

eSkola is an online platform of Educational DATA, build to help countries and regions gather updated information and manage their Educational Ecosystems.

#eSkola was designed to provide answers to different players with different needs in all levels of Education. From field teams to central government officers or 3rd party NGO’s or funding institutions, can all access custom reports and data, instantly.

The eSkola platform was build bottom-up to help field teams collect and organize data on Educational Ecosystems, allowing multiple access levels and different use perspectives all the way up to Governmental Institutions and Ministries. Profiles are fully configurable such as the example bellow:

  • Operational Field Teams_ NGO staff and other individuals that collect,update or review information with the use of mobile devices (laptop, tablet,etc.) in on-line or off-line scenarios

  • Local and Regional Management_Allow intermediary management, data collection and treatment, localized reports and statistics. Hub between field teams and central governments.

  • Central Governments_ Central or regional government level that use data to produce customized reports of the educational Ecosystem,with updated statistics and data. High level overview of ongoing projects.Report and communication with other levels and 3rdparty entities such as NGO, World Bank, UN, etc..

  • External Institutions_3rd party institutions with limited access to data or report

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