Facial recognition live/video

by Deep Vision AI Inc.

AI based people and facial analysis for safety and business intelligence

Currently, over 500 million cameras worldwide generate over 4.3 trillion hours of video per year. Video data coming from security and surveillance cameras is one of the largest sources of data in the world. With the advent of computer vision, vast and growing quantities of visual data can now be automatically analyzed and acted upon in real-time. Deep Vision AI makes possible to continuously monitor target zones to provide the count, gender, age and unique identification of individuals over time. The Facial Recognition Model tracks unique individuals and provides facial matches for specified individuals. This allows to improve overall safety and security, extract greater value from traditional security infrastructure, help retailers recognize important customers in real-time or quantify the frequency of visitors. The Facial Demographics Model is used to understand demographic variations overtime for a designated area of the city, or to track customer patterns such as dwell-time spent in lines or waiting areas of retail stores. It also helps brands and advertisers to quantify demographics or to target individuals for advertising and product placement. Deep Vision AI Admin-Console is camera agnostic and can be plugged into any existing or new camera infrastructure. This centralized administration console manages different streams and devices, providing the ability to enable different AI-vision models on a single platform: Plug & Play and camera agnostic. Existing CCTV or new camera infrastructure can be easily plugged into the platform. Highly optimized software supporting +15 camera streams per GPU which translates to a cost-effective hardware solution. Multiple deployment scenarios from on-premise, cloud to edge smart cameras. New modules can be developed to satisfy unique customer needs. A platform for growth to expand capabilities. GDPR compliant.

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