Experience Amplifier


Turn every little detail in the scene into an open window for discovery, sharing and commerce

Dive Experience Amplifier gives viewers a real time interactive access to everything they can discover in a scene.

It answers all your questions and curiosities which you often have about things you are watching in your favourite movies and TV series, in “real time”.

Who is this actor? Where have I seen him before? On which location was this scene shot? Which cuisine is it, what is the recipe? I love that necklace, where can I buy it? Who is the artist of that painting?

Dive identifies all different elements in movies, TV-shows and videos (from a shirt’s brand to a beach’s location) and curates a layer of contextual information that is linked to a "call-2-action". DIVE contextualises any element that you can discover in a movie or TV show, spanning over 20 different categories (actors, fashion, deco, food, automobiles, merchandise, music, history, locations etc.).

VALUE FOR MEDIA OWNERS: Generate “granular insights” into audience engagements with and within any video content. Unlock new revenue streams.

VALUE FOR CONSUMERS - It changes the way we watch videos, making the experience "contextually immersive".

VALUE FOR BRANDS / RETAILERS - A disruptive channel to reach highly segmented users in critical "micro-moments of truth".

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