Project Management System by Embee

by Embee Software Pvt. Ltd.

Track, visualize and analyse project data easily with Project Management System by Embee

Do you also manage your projects in excel sheets?

Project management in excel sheets can result in data privacy issues, high maintenance costs, unavailability of data visualization and difficult data extraction process. Now easily track, visualize, and analyse project data easily from any application with Project Management System by Embee.

Features of Project Management System

  1. Users can track their project data easily from the application, build analytics and visualize the data.
  2. Digitalization of approval process using the tool.
  3. Auto emails will trigger for each add/update/delete operation in database.
  4. Data repository in their existing server with Microsoft’s data security.

Benefits of The Application

  1. 100% Collaborative & Productivity
  2. User friendly solution
  3. Easy to build the solution with no code platform
  4. Less costly than other technology

Tools & Technologies Used

  1. Front End - Developed on Microsoft PowerApps Platform
  2. Back end - SharePoint Online (Custom list to store data)

At a glance