XPRIMER HRM - Effective Workforce Management


Functionally extensive IT system for comprehensive human resources management

As an extremely flexible tool, XPRIMER adapts to the specifics of your business and allows you to gain full control over the human resources management process and make accurate decisions based on reliable data.

XPRIMER supports the organisation at the level of the Board of Directors, Managers, HR Department and other Employees.

Achieving the BoD's business objectives:

  • Increased efficiency and human resources optimisation
  • Savings from reduced overtime and reduced administrative costs
  • Reduction of losses caused by poor working time planning
  • Strategic decisions based on reliable and credible data

Streamlining the work of the HR Department:

  • Automating the processing of HR matters and employee documents
  • Adapting procedures and documentation to changing regulations
  • Automated collection of data for payroll, its assignment and exchange of data with state and financial institutions
  • Effective communication with employees

Time-saving for Managers:

Positive Employee Experience:

  • Independent access and rapid updating of data via the Employee Portal
  • Convenient request for holidays, remote working, leaves (business, private)
  • Monitoring of the execution of requests and reported needs, and efficient internal communication
  • All staff matters collected in one place.

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