Esports PlayerCardz

by Esposure, Inc.

Explore a Microsoft tool to enhance your brand with an avatar for learning and online communities

What is PlayerCardz?

Are you an esports pro looking to up your game by creating your own customized digital PlayerCard with your player stats?

PlayerCardz by Esposure is a creative and fun way to boost your gamer profile and player image. Create your own PlayerCardz by building your profile and selecting physical attributes to create an avatar-based image that can be used as a graphical representation of users in Microsoft Minecraft and other esports or gaming tournament titles.

How does PlayerCardz help Me?

PlayerCardz is a fun and unique way to start building your brand and sharing content. You can create, collect, and share across online communities or video games.


  • 600+ game titles
  • Fully customizable avatar
  • Genre specific PlayerCardz
  • Save/Share PlayerCardz
  • Fun to use for all ages


PlayerCardz are great for everyone. Make your PlayerCardz what you want and as many as you want! There are unlimited uses for PlayerCardz. As users try different combinations to achieve their desired look, they intuitively learn what it takes to build their digital persona and make their PlayerCardz representative of their brand.

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