Filmily - AI UGC Fan Engagement Platfrom

by Filmily Ltd

Filmily is a fan engagement platform for sports club, music venues and festivals.

Filmily is a patented SaaS Platform allows customers to create niche experiences to engage fans. The generated web App allows you to capture images, video and text from a fan, whether they are at your stadium or event, or watching remotely anywhere in the world. We send content to your fans from you, not via social media, its a one to one relationship, which creates fan loyalty and makes each and every fan feel part of the experience.

We generate lots of types of content, personalised for each fan:-
    • Video walls, with each fan getting their own with them zoomed in the centre.
    • Digital mementos - images or virtual tickets for each fan, personalised.
    • Digital Scrapbooks - video content, with each fans content mixed with stock footage to create a beautiful short for video.

The platform allows sports clubs, music venues, festivals, hotel chains and more to be able to control and create campaigns to attract new fans, create competitions, and learn about their global fan base.

For each picture we generate up to 70 pieces of data using AI. for each video we do this every seconds. We know location, we find brands, we extract faces and learn age, gender and emotion. With all of the first party data we allow you to understand your audience more.

The content we create can be customised to each fan, based on the AI data, so a fan gets content in the style they want, sponsored by a suitable brand.

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