by Fletch, LLC

Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats that matter to you

Fletch keeps you ahead of cyber threats, tracking the entire threat landscape so you don’t have to sift through thousands of articles and figure out which apply to you.

Save hours in your day.
Let Fletch identify Relevant Threats for you.

  • We show you the Threat Horizon of major threats, what’s evolved and what’s emerged to give you a pulse of the cybersecurity community. You’ll know top threats 7 to 10 days before it hits the news. And your Fletch Tech Risk Profile keeps track of threats that matter to you.
  • Your Fletch Tech Risk Profile shows you the technologies used by your company. You’ll be surprised by all the apps your people are using.
  • The Threat Horizon follows emerging and evolving threats, identifying major threats 7 to 10 days before the news.
  • The Daily Threat Report is the only source of cyber updates you need. Each morning Fletch’s experts weigh in on the most interesting and pressing threats.

Get more out of your Microsoft products with Fletch

With Business 365, Fletch creates your Tech Risk Profile, mapping your tech footprint with the Threat Horizon to show you the threats that matter to you.

With Microsoft Defender, Fletch builds a bigger picture of relevant threats and identifies impacted resources.

With Github, feed your code base vulnerabilities to Fletch to correlate with Fletch’s findings every day.

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