ERG Solution for Microsoft Teams

by Frameable Inc

Empower your Employee Resource Groups with better collaboration tools.

Frameable Core helps Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) effectively engage remote and hybrid members to better promote a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Frameable Core provides ERGs with robust software solutions, allowing for better engagement across any distance. Through our seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, Frameable Core simplifies communication and improves group connectivity, ensuring ERGs increase their effectiveness and can better further their mission.

DEI leaders using Frameable Core say:

“It’s like we’ve broken down virtual walls, make every meeting feel like we’re working towards a common goal.” – Jordan, Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Key Features for next-level virtual ERG engagement:

  • Multiple screen share: Encourage teamwork by sharing multiple screens at once ensuring everyone is engaged in the discussion.

  • Digital whiteboards: ERG leaders can improve collaboration by accessing digital whiteboards in sessions to plan and track events.

  • Visible group meetings: See what sessions are happening in real-time and join conversations with ease.

  • Fun interactive word games: Start your events with engaging word games that promote teamwork and active collaboration.

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Frameable Core requires a monthly subscription.

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