GDi Ensemble A3

by GDi D.O.O.

Maximize your return on investment with effective asset management!

GDi Ensemble A3 is an enterprise asset management (EAM) software that enables you to digitize and optimize your material asset maintenance operations, resulting in higher efficiency and costs reduction. It includes web-based tools for configuration and administration as well as native mobile applications for any field service like inspections, incidents and maintenance. The software represents a single source of truth for any asset digital twin and an IT system of any size. GDi Ensemble is highly configurable and easy to use with simple methodology and procedures for initial data import.

Unlike ERP add-on products that require expensive and time-consuming customization, Ensemble A3 offers a great number of customization options, low implementation time, and ease of use. It can easily integrate with other relevant systems in your IT ecosystem, including finance, warehouse, or ERP.

 Ensemble A3 – who is it for?

Designed to enable any organization to manage their material assets more efficiently. Ensemble A3 will allow and increased return on assets without significant investment in people, time and IT infrastructure. Typical business area include:

·    Energy and utilities, Transportation, Public and private health, Tourism and hospitality, Construction, Government department and agencies, Retail and Industrial manufacturing

 Why use GDi Ensemble A3?

· Preventative maintenance - Introducing “just in time” sourcing for maintenance parts, reducing inventory up to 50%

· Seeing a single point of truth - Centralized management of relevant assets of the company, real-time asset data

· Maximizing asset productivity - Utilizing Company assets to maximize ROI up to 33% improvement

· Control costs - Improving company financial planning and cashflow with asset life-cycle management

· Digitalizing asset potential - Integration with IoT sensors and controllers to bridge the gap the physical and digital world

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