GDi Ensemble W4

by GDi D.O.O.

Boost productivity, drive operational performance and accelerate time-to-market!

GDi Ensemble W4 is workforce management software consisting of web and mobile applications that enable organizations from different industries to efficiently plan, forecast, and schedule work and related resources to meet service level goals. It provides for the complete management of work orders, people, and processes at all stages of any task, across all departments, at any location, and under various working conditions.

GDi Ensemble W4 provides complete real-time operational intelligence, enabling evaluation of how and when work is being done, and determination of progress status for all work items. Our solution performs all key business functions to manage on-site assignments, including the establishment and maintenance of services, incidents or inspections.

 Ensemble W4 – who is it for?

Designed to support any type of business process/work order and task, Ensemble W4 is highly flexible and can be used in multiple environments, industries, business sectors, governments and agencies, including: Telecommunications and media, Infrastructure management, Utilities companies, Regional/local government, Permit issuing bodies, Hotel and tourism operators, Retail industry

 Why use GDi Ensemble W4?

·         Cost reduction, customer satisfaction - Transparency of resource utilization, quality, and overall efficiency 

·         Reduce business risk - Ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing business risk

·         Increase competitive advantage - Managing insight to increase competitive advantage over competition via improved efficiency

·         Reduce down-time and error - In time detection of bottle-necks and timely mitigation

·         Increase awareness at all times - Integration with IoT sensors to ensure real-time field tracking

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