Digital Inspection of Roads

by HAL24K

Optimize road inspections with AI

Optimize inspections of road assets with AI
HAL24K’s Digital Inspection of Roads solution augments and digitalizes your daily road inspections using video footage from consumer-grade cameras. This is possible through the powerful combination of machine learning models to automatically identify assets and detect defects, and workflow software to easily view, correct, complement and share the results. 
This helps your organization gain continuous insight in the state of road infrastructure, optimize reporting and maintenance planning.

The benefits of Digital Inspection
Efficiency and competitive advantage
  • Gain continuous and objective insight in infrastructure
  • Increase coverage area per inspector
  • Save time, resources & cost
  • Make inspections part of everyday operations
  • Automate location-based planning
  • Multi-purpose – reuse beyond road inspections

Address safety and compliance
  • Improve road inspector and road user safety
  • Easy and transparent reporting
  • Clear audit trails to demonstrate compliance
  • Improve stakeholder management

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