Healthy You - Your Business Health and Wellness

by Healthper USA, Inc.

Engage your teams into a healthier lifestyle through personalization, coaching, and incentives.

Powered by AI, Healthper is your business well-being strategy program, tailored to your team’s unique needs and designed to maximize wellness engagement.

“Healthper is your business well-being architect,” allowing business owners, HR departments, and other teams to develop uniquely tailored programs for their employees regardless of their location, cultural background, and demographics. Using AI technologies, Healthper develops 100% customizable programs and incentives that increase employee participation, maximizes engagement, and improves outcomes. Healthper programs not only aim for a healthier lifestyle but also guide users to improve and secure their financial future. By mixing digital tools with coaching and communication techniques, Healthper will guide your employees towards their best selves.

Key Health Features:

  • Online comprehensive Health Assessment.
  • Biometric Screenings.
  • COVID-19 temperature screening/Antibody Test.
  • EEOC / ACA guidelines compliance.

Key Fitness Features:

  • Trackers that can track physical activity, weight, sleep, daily mood, water intake, vegetable and fruit consumption, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and financial expense.
  • Activity Trackers with self-reporting and fitness device connectivity.

Key Well-Being Features:

  • Unlimited & Personalized Telephonic/Email/Online Coaching including reasonable alternatives.
  • Well-Being Educational content for Wellness including Physical, Emotional, Social, Nutrition & Diet, Substance Abuse (Drinking and Smoking), Depression, Stress Management, Personal Lifestyle & Safety, and Financial Wellness.
  • Motivational Quotes and Healthy Cooking Tips.

Organizations can check their employee’s progress while employees remain engaged via a series of benefits and incentives such as:

  • Company/Team or Individual challenges: Challenges include engaging communications and device connectivity with customization ability.
  • A company-wide and member-private community forum: where your members can engage.
  • Reports that you can use to incentivize members through the raffle, premium rebate, HSA contribution, payroll credit, or a reward of your choice. Health Assessment, Participation, Performance, Engagement, Biometric Outcome Target Met, and Reward reports are also included.
  • Program Promotion & Marketing Collateral.

Healthper is available in English and Spanish, and additional language options are also available at an added cost. Email support has a 24-48 hour response time. 

Screenings can be optionally added to the existing plan at an added cost.

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