Hello Lamp Post

by Hello Lamp Post

A platform to bring city infrastructure and objects to life, engaging citizen through playful chat.

What is Hello Lamp Post:

Hello Lamp Post encourages people to look at their city with fresh eyes. It gives citizens a chance to slow down, reflect and feedback to their city, empowering them to take back ownership and influence its future development. Hello Lamp Post makes the planning of our cities more centred around citizens’ needs and ideas, and enables the true co-creation of our urban environments.

Who do we work with:
We work with local government, urban planners and cultural institutions, to provide for their residents, tourists and communities.

How do we help:
Our product is designed to fulfil engagement obligations, in a way which is fun, accessible and which helps better understand community perceptions around masterplans, budgets, public services and culture. We are able to provide public engagement data which was previously inaccessible.

At a glance