Predictive ERP for Manufacturing & Supply Chain

by iFAKT GmbH

Predictive ERP – Resource and process optimization in intelligent operations

Anticipate and control your bottlenecks with Predictive ERP and get more value out of your ERP

Delivering products on time with minimum waste and maximum margin is crucial to stay competitive in the market. In the last 30 years ERP systems have been implemented to improve the supply chain management. However, even the best ERP systems often lack in supporting resource utilization optimization based on detailed enterprise operations models and intelligent algorithms.

Predictive ERP adds this missing functionality to your ERP, allocating automatically each operation to appropriate resources by optimizing the global utilization level anticipating bottlenecks.

Intelligent algorithms based on logical or pattern models are the foundation of the next generation supply chain management systems. Easy plug-and-play integration in combination with unlimited scalability is essential. To serve this need, Predictive ERP has been built on the Microsoft Azure platform technology, supporting large scale enterprise implementations.

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With Predictive ERP you can:

  • Enable a dynamic operations shop floor control based real-time feedback
  • Conduct a bottleneck simulation of the supply chains for long term planning
  • Run tactical analyses, simulations or resource optimization based on a unique model
  • Optimize the utilization of your resources throughout the end-to-end delivery processes
  • Anticipate bottlenecks with the recovery scenario simulation
  • Ensure on-time delivery and minimum waste
  • To ensure a sustainable and profitable on-time delivery to the customer, it requires a strong anticipation and control capability, such as:
  • Bottleneck analysis and white space minimization
  • Long-, mid- and short-term capacity planning
  • Real-time resource utilization optimization and control
  • Real-time operations feedback and analytics

Key provided benefits with Predictive ERP:

  • End-to-end planning support - from long-term capacity planning to short-term operational
  • Optimization with one operating model and single solution
  • Support for delivery driven operational budget planning (AOP)
  • Identification of possible bottlenecks in advance
  • Maximized resource utilization
  • Collection of live feedback from operations for real-time re-scheduling and resource balancing
  • Real-time feedback from operations
  • Swift response to disruptions with simulation of solutions validated
  • Software as a Service for flexible scalability and on demand licensing, short-term
  • Availability with limited set-up effort

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