Infosys Industrializing Cloud Native Development

by Infosys Ltd

Accelerate Azure Cloud Native Development with IMAP at scale and speed

IMAP (Infosys Microservice Acceleration Platform) helps achieve extreme productivity, higher speed and superior quality in large scale cloud native development. This offering helps our client to rapidly build platforms for industrialized, high-speed delivery of APIs, microservices and modernized applications with best-in-class capabilities such as multiple releases per day, zero-downtime deployments, and high velocity execution. Some of the key capabilities include the following:

  • Comprehensively realizes the full potential of Agile Methodology, DevOps (CICD, automation, testing and deployment best practices) and Cloud Native Runtimes
  • Platform-driven API-first methodology supported by design and development frameworks
  • Enables faster velocity in terms of feature delivery or new application development
  • Mix of automation and design-development frameworks with enhanced quality, but with reduced cost
  • In a gist, the offering provides a software equivalent of a production assembly line with a real-time dashboard for visibility of E2E operations, inbuilt quality checks for fail-proof, flexible line design to customize for target products, reducing human skill dependencies by commoditizing and dynamic scaling of cloud

IMAP features a set of pre-built components that can be rapidly assembled into a fully-featured microservices delivery platform:

  • Pre-Configured Platform in Multiple Flavors
    • Fully cloud-native design using Azure native services
    • Self-service portal for Microservices development starting from a predefined template
    • Support for multiple programming languages
  • Microservices Frameworks & Patterns
    • Logging, Dynamic Configuration, Exception Handling, Security frameworks adapted for Distributed microservices
    • Streamlined API modeling & design workflows
    • Monitoring & Analytics Dashboard 
  • Environment Management
    • On-demand launch new environments for parallel releases
    • Code promotion controls and workflows
  • Adaptable for client environment
    • Integration with your choice of CICD toolchain, Log Aggregation & Indexing, Container & Service monitoring frameworks on Azure

Opportunity Areas:

  • Digital Development in Microservice Architecture on Azure
  • Azure Cloud Native Development with hyper productivity and velocity
  • Reengineering Monolith to Azure Cloud Native Architecture

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