InfoTech Visitors Management System (VMS)

by InfoTech (Pvt) Limited

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InfoTech's Visitors Management System (VMS) is built on Microsoft .Net Platform.

Many businesses are still using manual, paper-based visitor management systems, such as guest register or name tags. However, there are problems associated with using such outdated systems. They are not foolproof, and they are difficult and time-consuming to manage and effectively document. But most importantly, they don’t provide the type of protection your organization needs when it comes to unwanted visitors. Modern visitor management system can quickly fix these issues.

InfoTech's Visitors Management System (VMS) is built on Microsoft .Net Platform. InfoTech's VMS is a comprehensive application solution for companies to keep a record of all the visitors who enter the office premises and are present in different areas/departments. Your HR staff and operators will have the ability to Pre-Enroll your visitors with the help of a web app which will streamline your organization’s security and front entrance control. With controlled entrance into your facility, you will feel more in control of your organization.


- Seamless tracking
- Smooth entry and exit
- Photo and vehicle record
- No unwanted crowd in the premises
- Punctuality
- Cut down on paper usage
- No hassle at the gate

Functional Requirements:

- Visitor Registration/check-in
- Visitor check-out
- Report generation
- Database management

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