Uniserve 360 customer communication management tool

by Intense Technologies Ltd

Automatic report generation, variable data printing, customer communication management platform

Uniserve eHub is an intuitive GUI based solution for various enterprises and marketers to engage with their customers through multiple digital channels. What stands out is ease of use of the system for business users, which means business users have little dependency on IT. The solution helps marketers personalize at scale, which is key to multichannel marketing success. It helps enterprises reach out to individual customers based on their behavioral data, with contextual messaging, pushing communications via preferred channels. The solution allows marketers to segment users for cross sell upsell campaigns, and lead generation, ensuring an effective omnichannel engagement throughout the customer journey.

Data Management is a data extraction module which extracts the data from files generated by core Banking/insurance/telecom billing/ERP application. The Data Management connects to the Core billing/core banking application's File repositories and extracts the information which are used for further processing of the Communications. While extracting the data the Data Management enables the business to massage the information, cleanse the data, formats the information coming from the input source, consolidates the information of the customers with multiple services, allows the business in profiling of the customers etc.

Data Management comes in built with the functionality to transform data as desired by the business through a generic business rules wizard that handles most formatting, data standardization, data cleansing, exception handling and custom indexing activities and be able to support data alignment, prefix, suffix, define the length of the object, replace the data object with a given value or string, enables decimal places and round offs, converting number to words with trim options, various date time formats conversion, add punctuations, add separators and delete unwanted lines, addition of intelligent flags, addition of Customer breaks or Page breaks, date, text and numeric formatting, tagging variable data, conversion of variable data into a tabular format.

The Template Designer in the UniServe framework is a GUI based module for placing simple and complex data object and designing layouts of statements. It provides drag and drop tools for easy design layouts and provides users with comprehensive formatting options like font types, sizes, colors, insertion of images, annotations, barcodes, conditional formatting, conditional messaging and conditional processing, etc. The Template Designer enables dynamic setting on different data types like text, numeric and date. It enables customized layouts for different customer segments, product and service types etc. Also conditions can be set to dynamically choose the appropriate design layer at run time through the unique Layering Technology.

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