IVAAP Data Visualization Platform

by Interactive Network Technologies Inc

IVAAP is a Subsurface Data Visualization Platform supporting OSDU standard on Azure Cloud.

IVAAP™ is a Subsurface Data Visualization Platform that offers the ability to search, access, and display 2D/3D G&G and petrophysical data in a single user-friendly dashboard on the web. Aggregate and co-visualize multiple petrotechnical data sources and types—seismic, well log, schematics, drilling, real-time, and more—and launch analytics/ML on the fly. INT has partnered with the OSDU™ Consortium to make IVAAP available on R1, R2, and R3 (when released).

Scalable, Cloud-Ready Enterprise HTML5 Visualization Framework

IVAAP empowers product owners, developers, and architects to accelerate the development of subsurface digital solutions for oil and gas. Rather than develop a new application from scratch, companies can customize and implement IVAAP in their organization in a fraction of the time. Deployable in any environment (private, cloud, hybrid, on-premise, Docker, etc.), IVAAP can scale to meet the needs of tens to thousands of users.

IVAAP provides the following benefits: 

    • Adopt visualization as a shared service One visualization platform supporting multiple exploration, drilling, and productions workflows

    • Avoid reinventing the wheel Ensure the best performance for your application

    • Accelerate digital transformationEnable Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    • Create the right user experience in the cloudEmpower end-user collaboration and free your IT professionals

Contact INT to get a free demo of IVAAP and to learn more about how IVAAP can accelerate your digital transformation.    

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