MagiX Concierge

by Middle East Network Solutions - IPMagiX

It’s an app tailored for the hospitality sector aiming to close the communication gap.

A location-based services mobile application, integrated with Microsoft SQL server for data storage and retrieval, in addition to, IIS for content serving. Dedicated specifically for the hospitality sector where guests are well informed of hotel services, facilities, event & promotions. Its main aim is to help hoteliers’ close communication gaps between them and their guests, create an outstanding customer experience, and gain ROI. It comes equipped with a back-end for administration and reports and analytics.

Why MagiX Concierge?

To impress every guest on every visit.

  • Indoor navigation assistance
  • Solution reformation
  • Customer behavior analytics and heat map
  • Identity management & location tracking
  • Marketing content delivery
  • WiFi capitalization of the entire infrastructure
  • Customer engagement and 2-way communication
  • Integration into the business PMS and social media
  • Improved Guest Experience

  • Guests drive their own experience through their devices
  • Increased engagement through social media & in-venue connections
  • Full awareness of and ability to engage on-demand services
  • Positive Financial Impact

  • Reduce operating expenses and preserve legacy investments
  • Location-aware advertising, and monetized services
  • Innovative revenue streams, up-selling & cross-selling capabilities
  • Enhanced Business Processes

  • Efficient use of staff
  • Delivers actionable analytics that support smarter, faster business decision making
  • Offers back-office functionality that streamlines routine administrative tasks

At a glance