IXUP, Secure Your Data Analytics with Privacy Enhancing Technologies

by IXUP Limited

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Secure, governed data collaboration between organisations

The IXUP platform helps you share data with other organisations in a secure, governed, and transparent way. It fuses best-in-class data governance with leading-edge privacy enhancing technologies. The IXUP platform manages the technical, security and compliance overhead required to use sensitive data outside the boundaries of your organisation, while the embedded Five Safes approval workflow provides users with a framework for assessing and managing disclosure risk. The Five Safes is an internationally recognised governance framework, designed to maximise data utility, security as well as flexibility.

When it comes to working with highly sensitive data, the IXUP platform provides an optional fully homomorphic encrypted-in-use capability, enabling organisations to match, compute, and analyse data while it remains fully encrypted end-to-end. It also features a sophisticated encrypted fuzzy matching capability designed to support the unpredictability of real-world data.

The governance and encryption capabilities provided by the IXUP platform can help your organisation unlock the hidden value in secured collaborative data.

The IXUP platform features:

  • The first software implementation of the Five Safes data governance framework
  • Automated data-sharing contracts with support for integrated digital signatures
  • Built-in data discoverability tools and secure data transfer workflow
  • Embedded into the Microsoft Lockbox ecosystem, leveraging its network isolation architecture
  • Fully homomorphic encrypted-in-use data processing, powered by the Microsoft SEAL library, enables quantum-proof privacy-preserving analytics on collaborative data.
  • Encrypted fuzzy matching
  • ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 certified.

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