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Check in solution for schools to monitor student wellbeing and increase student outcomes

The Need to Support Young People in Their Journey of Self-Awareness.

The need to support young people to connect and develop their social and emotional wellbeing is crucial for flourishing lives.

iyarn is designed to do just that. We work with public and private schools across Australia who have already checked in over 1,000,000 times. Schools using iyarn are enhancing their social-emotional learning (SEL) and make data-driven decisions to improve their young people's wellbeing.

What is iyarn?

iyarn is a digital platform for students, teachers, and staff to ‘check in’ on their wellbeing and a tool for monitoring and managing critical areas such as sleep, fitness, friends, and mental health. iyarn has been operating in schools and organisations across Australia since 2018 to promote and support wellbeing and increase student outcomes.

Student check ins are fast and simple, taking no more than 30 seconds and are designed to be repeated on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, creating a powerful, regular conversation starter.

How does an iyarn check in work?

Teachers and school staff identify and customise which ‘segments’ the students will be checking in on. Segments can range from health and sleep to friends and school, giving teachers a holistic understanding of their students.

It takes students 30 seconds to complete a check in using a sliding scale to rate how they are going in each of these areas from low to high. Using colourful graphics, check in data provides a clear visual of how each student is travelling as well as an overview of how cohorts and schools are tracking overall.

Over time, this data provides school staff with powerful trends and insights from the students. By tracking the important aspects that impact student wellbeing and outcomes, you can focus on providing tailored support when needed.

Why use iyarn?

- Student-led approach to social-emotional learning.

- Monitoring and improving student wellbeing increases student outcomes.

- Insights from check in data allows you to better support and connect with students.

- iyarn is a research based tool through research partnership with the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

- Students develop greater self-awareness and resilience as they see their own growth.

What are schools saying about iyarn?

  • “With iyarn, we have been able to give students a way to easily track their wellbeing and mental health. Our students have embraced this resource and can see the value in understanding their own strengths and areas for improvement that it highlights. We see students empowered to improve their overall health and have important data that shapes how we can best support our students.“

- Associate Dean, Comet Bay College

  • “The biggest positive of using iyarn is having students who rarely make our radar, speak up though their comments, some even asking for support.”

-Deputy Principal, Thornlie Senior High School

  • “iyarn has been a wonderful tool to encourage our students to reflect on how they are feeling and to start a conversation about what they can do to improve their wellbeing.”

- Deputy Principal, Bateman Primary School

  • “iyarn has helped me to better understand and group student concerns. Students are more comfortable disclosing issues to their teachers in that format rather than face to face.”

-School Psychologist, Chisholm College

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