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by KimboCare SA

Get traceable social outcomes from your health impact funding - and enjoy zero greenwashing risk.

Enjoy full transparency when dedicating corporate funds to accelerating access to quality healthcare for the more vulnerable communities around the world, starting with Africa. Sign up for free at

KimboCare’s Swiss-made technology platform provides you with the transparency and local expertise you need to achieve the most measurable impact in driving equitable health access. Key features include: 

- Prepaid medical services aka "health credits", a value token

- Relationships with thoroughly vetted medical structures, NGOs and para-public institutions

- Outcomes-based healthcare programs

- Blockchain-enabled traceability

Do you want to spend your impact investments on real medical transactions? Do you want to use effective metrics to track the actual outcomes of your investments? That is what you get with KimboCare. Access to our technology platform comes with unparalleled benefits, including:

- End-to-end traceability; real-time visibility on outcomes delivered

- Flexibility in shaping health outcomes (choices of medical interventions, geographies, target demographics, etc.)

- End-to-end digital coordination; no additional resources needed from your end

- Contribution to United Nations SDG Goals “1. No Poverty”, "3. Health & Well-Being" and “5. Gender Equality”

Our clients span across various industries and sizes, and use KimboCare’s health credits primarily as an outcomes-based health program enabling access to quality care for marginalized communities.

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