Kortical Automated Machine Learning Platform

by Kortical Ltd

Kortical helps businesses deliver AI 24x faster than industry standards

Kortical is an end to end AI As A Service (AIAAS) platform that greatly accelerates the creation, iteration, explanation and deployment of world-class machine learning models. One of the key benefits of Kortical is AutoML that writes custom machine learning solutions from the ground up in code. Getting hands-on with the code is optional, you can let the platform generate a great model out of the box or you can edit the models from the code that the platform automatically generates. This makes it is easy to get the best of data scientists and AutoML, while also getting the benefits of full explainability and mission-critical, enterprise-grade deployment.

The value is not only in accelerating the creation of machine learning models. The platform will automatically re-train live models with the latest data and notify the user to update the live version as new and improved models are created automatically. This ensures scalable AI operations that deliver the most value for your business.

Key Features
  • Codeless option for machine learning model creation via AutoML
  • For experts, you can dive into the code and work with the AutoML to create the best solutions
  • Automatically prepares data for training, applies feature engineering and selects and refines the best machine learning model for your problem
  • Fully explainable models for actionable insights and compliance
  • Enterprise-grade deployment ready to go
  • Automatically retrains models as new data is collected

The NHS, Deloitte and many more have benefitted from the acceleration and scalability that Kortical have enabled them to achieve.

It is really easy to get started, you upload your data, choose the target column, and a bespoke AI model will be created automatically for you.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.

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