Lead Inclusively Inclusion Virtual Coach | DEI

by RevWork, inc

Diversity and Inclusion, ignited by science and AI

Leadership behaviors drive productivity. Leaders that practice certain leadership behaviors, build a culture of diversity and inclusion that increases productivity and performance. The Lead Inclusively Virtual Coach™ provides a personal leadership coach that delivers event-based leadership tips and nudge messages throughout the day with simple reminders of practical leadership behaviors that nurture a culture of diversity and inclusion that increases productivity and performance.

Imagine being on your way to a meeting and receiving a quick tip to bring out the quieter voices in the room during a team meeting. Simple leadership tips like this can have a resounding positive effect on workplace relationships, team performance and inclusion at work.

Refine leadership skills, in less than five minutes a day and watch your team productivity and engagement skyrocket.  Set it and forget it! The Virtual Coach, powered by Lead Inclusively, brings leadership coaching to the user when they want and need it most. The results are people and teams that thrive under a culture of diversity and inclusion. 

In every critical context from hiring to strategic planning, your Virtual Coach shows up to remind you how to be more inclusive in that situation.

Leaders who are able to help every team member feel more heard, seen, and empowered, resulting in increased employee engagement, productivity, and innovation, creating an organization equipped to win the war for talent.

Take your leadership skills and team to the next level with the Lead Inclusively Virtual Coach™.

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