Acotel Agent Smart Router


Improves ISP broadband quality service, enriches customer big data analysis and reduces costs.

Acotel Agent solution (saas), hosted on Microsoft Azure, improves ISP broadband quality service, reduces customer care and field technicians costs, and enriches customer big data analysis.

  • Key Benefits

Acotel Agent improves the quality of your Internet Service Provider broadband while reducing customer care touchpoints and field service operation costs. It also enriches customer profiles with big data collection and real-time analysis.

  • Intelligent data collection and agile predictive maintenance

Acotel Agent is compatible with all major routers and can be downloaded on the existing customer base. It can collect hundreds of technical parameters related to quality of broadband service at home and/or office and information on customer behavior in 15-minute intervals. All this information is stored and transmitted to the cloud using the Azure platform. This allows ISPs to resolve customer issues in real-time by proactively monitoring complaints and service calls. In addition, ISPs can gain better insights into customer behavior and home/office environments by analyzing the data collected via the smart router.

  • Compatibility

Acotel Agent is compatible with all commercial and standard routers and can be downloaded to the existing customer base using the Telco Device Manager System.


  • Dramatically reduce contact center and assurance costs
  • Make data analysis for predictive maintenance
  • Make data analysis to improve the service performance
  • Collect big data for customer profiling
  • Enable router for smart-home services

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