Meteomatics Weather API

by Meteomatics AG

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Global Weather and Climate Data

The world’s richest weather and climate API:
Access >7 petabytes through a single API endpoint, helping the shipping industry access the insights required to obtain comprehensive knowledge of weather & climate risk.

Accurate, and globally available weather data:
Meteomatics uses robust scientific interpolation and downscaling techniques to deliver the best possible answer to a user’s specific weather query. Available for any location (latitude/longitude), all of the time

Meteomatics' RESTful API simplifies data access:
Access terabytes of data through a single Restful API endpoint, offering users a consistent access method and ease of use, supporting many popular programming languages and a wide range of open-source data connectors, such as Matlab, ArcGIS and many others.

Meteomatics' API is highly performant and provides the capability for users to make intelligent queries:
Meteomatics' Weather & Climate API removes the complexity of handling and processing weather data that are often large in volume and are delivered in a range of bespoke data formats. Meteomatics unique Meteocache capability retrieves the most up-to-date forecast data quickly, enabling users to leverage the value of weather data and bring new, enhanced products and services to market faster. Utilising a range of intelligent data services such as route queries, which provide weather forecast along a route of interest, at the time its required, optimising data volumes and weather insights.

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