Insight NxT - Vision Analytics

by LTIMindtree Limited

Streamlining businesses through AI

Insight NxT is a product offering that streamlines businesses by employing artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to it. The platform helps derive real-time intelligence autonomously by connecting people, machines, location, and processes by leveraging cutting edge technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. The Insight NxT Vision Analytics platform caters to multiple industry verticals like Retail, CPG, Manufacturing (RCM), Engineering, and more that enables data processing and analytics on images and videos to derive outcomes that help take business take better & faster decisions. The platform encompasses the capabilities right from annotation of images & videos to deploying of the models. The entire platform comes with a rich user interface and experience that provides a no-code environment to the user to build state of the art (SOTA) deep learning models. The platform also facilitates users for a one-click deployment on Cloud, Edge, or On-Prem

Our Vision Analytics solutions powered by Insight NxT platform creates value for our customers. A view of some of the business benefits we have delivered to our clients:

1) 40% reduction in time in terms of development and deployment of vision-based models

2) 1.5X increase in terms of business outcomes and revenue generation

3) 2X reduction in terms of resources and cost

Insight NxT’s Algorithms powered by AI convert the image & video data into insights that can be used for a variety of Applications, from monitoring employee safety to Quality inspection and material counting/classifications. Insight NxT resolves these critical issues by collecting and converting this raw, real-time data (images & videos) into actionable insights with the help of pre-built AI/ML models. These insights give clients a real-time view on performance with which they can make informed decisions around employee safety, inventory management Quality management, employee & facility security and more.

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