Mint Vision Platform SaaS

Mint Management Technologies

Our platform uses the power of AI to take your building, clinic or university to the next level

The Mint Vision Platform takes traditional cameras, and enables them to perform highly advanced functions using Face Recognition. At its' simplest implementation, it uses Face Recognition to manage access to a building, branch, university or office. The platform easily allows you to uniquely identify and track every authorised face that enters an establishment - and every anonymous face in areas where crowds are allowed. This provides superior access control over traditional systems, and advanced analytics such as Age, Gender, etc. on anonymous populations using the area. But activate the Clinic Management feature set, and the solution takes full establishment management to a whole new level. The system expands on Access Control to perform Clinic functions with Face Recognition such as: - Queue Management for Patients, using Facial Recognition and multiple branching and joining queues, with voice calling and intelligent analytics behind it - Stations where clinicians can update information such as patient vitals or diagnosis, but only if the patient is currently in front of the camera - Stations where dispensing of medication can be performed, and tracked down to the individual pill, only when the patient is present in front of the camera - Advanced reporting on diagnoses, medication dispensing, queue timelines and processes, and general patient information The solution is targeted at any establishments that wish to use cameras to grant access, track demographics of crowds (with the correct privacy structures in place, of course), and perform more advanced functions such as Queue Management and stations that unlock and allow actions such as Vitals Capturing, when the patient or named person is present. The solution can be used in any other environment that requires individual identification and processing, such as license departments, bank branches, etc. The target audience is mid-sized businesses and public offices that would benefit from controlling access, making queues and services more efficient, and having in-depth analytics and AI on the rich set of data that the solution makes available on customers. Currently highly customised for public offices such as clinics, higher education such as universities and schools, the solution can also be extended and built on to support any use-case that requires processing of an identifiable audience, such as students, or rich demographics on anonymous audiences such as customers in a store The Mint Vision Platform is the ideal solution to take existing cameras and infrastructure, or new installations if required, and use advanced AI to usher your business, branch, office or clinic into the Fourth Industrial Revolution
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