Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams


Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

This offer proposes the recording of all your modern workplace modalities (Chat, voice, video & screen share). We propose a turnkey & managed solution to deploy compliance recording to the workspace. The service includes the recording of all the modalities, the conversation archiving and multiple compliance services:

  • Case management: Create compliance case by selecting relevant recording across all channels
  • Secure recording sharing: A user can securely share a link to a recording
  • Replay authorization workflow: A user can request access to a recording via workflow including audit track
  • Legal hold: Keep the conversation even after the retention period
  • Audio announcement: Play an audio message before a call is made
  • Integrity check: All records are digitally signed to prevent any alteration
  • Recording flow quality: voice flows, decoding, and media mixing errors…
  • Recording content quality: Volume, silence, noise, sharp amplitude changes, unnatural silence…

The service can also be connected to on-premise telephony systems and trading telephony systems to provide a single place to replay the conversations. The services is connected to our Compliance Automated Process to check all the conversation are recorded and are fully compliant.

Your legacy recording systems can be imported into the Compliance Hub to help you replay new interactions & legacy interactions from a single service.

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