AI Flash Flood Forecasting

by Piccard AI

Use AI to accurately predict flash floods before they occur.

Piccard's AI flash flood alert system is an end-to-end, fully automated flood warning system, based on AI technology, that predicts flash floods at predetermined flood locations. The system includes: -Water level monitoring at the designated hotspot location (if not already present) -An AI system that learns from weather data to predict floods at that location 1 - 4 hours before the onset of flooding -A cloud based desktop/mobile dashboard for visualising flood risk -Automated SMS/email alerting of anticipated floods With the increase in flood intensity and frequency expected as a result of climate change, floods are set to become a more frequent occurrence. Communities expect their government to be doing everything they can to mitigate the impacts of floods. The AI Flood Alert System is ideal for addressing flooding issues that cannot be resolved with drainage upgrades. By proactively closing roads, and alerting residents who are at risk, authorities can reduce their risk of adverse impacts and liability arising from floods.

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