Increase productivity by using M365 & O365

by PM Software International

Work from anywhere. Employees can work simultaneously on one document. Lost data could be retrieved

·         Your team will have the ability to work from any location even remotely


·         Increase your team’s productivity by eliminating the use of multiple versions of documents that have to be combined together after edits are completed


·         Boost collaboration of your employees. Several employees can work simultaneously on the same document. They can contribute or edit a particular spreadsheet, document or presentation and receive real-time changes


·         Since M365 & O365 are cloud-based, users can access their files, apps, emails, and programs from any device from any location


 ·         Eliminate chances of losing any data through storing all of your data on the cloud


·         Benefit from always having the latest versions of M365 & O365 at no additional charges through the automatic upgrades


·         Save the costs of expensive hardware, server rooms, A/C and staff salaries who operates and troubleshoot the system


·         In case of any data lost or corrupted, the disaster recovery feature is in place to backup and retrieve your data

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