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An autonmous trading platform utilising Deep Reinforcement Learning for financial analysis

At Predictiva, we are determined to solve the most challenging optimisation dilemmas in the financial markets, to deliver predictable profits while minimising risks. Using state-of-the-art Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms, we use AI to redefine Financial Intelligence and make advanced AI available to everyone.

Supported by a team of Data Scientists and AI Researchers, our AI platform, Investiva, helps financial traders & investment managers to trade multiple financial assets using state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms while avoiding human emotional bias. Inspired by arcade gaming strategies, Investiva uses novel reinforcement learning approaches for more profitable and less risky trades than those using buy-and-hold strategies and other baselines.

The “Lite” version of Investiva is an algorithm-neutral intuitive trading platform that enables financial traders to control and automate the trading process efficiently and effectively. Investiva Lite has built-in support for Interactive Brokers’ accounts with a sophisticated API that allows multiple order types and instant execution. Other Prime Brokers can be integrated into custom implementations. Investiva Lite can process trading actions from various sources such as CSVs, JSON, or SQL/MySQL Databases. Our Lite platform is algorithm-neutral and can execute the trading actions received from your custom Machine Learning algorithms or rule-based models.

Please contact us through the support links on this page to request access to the free trial or a custom proof of concept.

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