Punchh Offers

by Punchh

Instantly create personalized offers to drive same store sales

Punchh Offers provides brands with the ability to instantly create personalized offers that convert customers from anonymous to loyalists. With Punchh, brands are equipped with the end-to-end functionality required to run a successful campaign—ranging from real- time offer code generation, omnichannel distribution and processing, to offer reporting and insights, fraud prevention, and more. Powered by the Punchh customer platform, Punchh Offers enables brands to engage consumers with the right offers at the right time over the right channels–making it easy for users to earn and redeem rewards–and for brands to drive offer redemptions that can be tracked back to specific users.

Punchh Offers both promotions with generic codes and coupons with unique codes that can be delivered via a mobile app, email, social, direct mail, and POS, all in real-time— without the ongoing support of IT. The platform captures, stores, and analyzes data across every in-store and online touchpoint, giving brands the tools to understand and predict individual behavior and execute automated campaigns with offers that deliver results.

With omnichannel integrations leveraging an extensive partner ecosystem of leading eCommerce, POS and payment providers, Punchh Offers ensures user interactions are tracked real-time and optimized for increasing customer lifetime value, while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

Key Features:

  • Promotions: Create generic codes that anyone can use to receive a discount or reward. Codes can be pre-generated for use in print, social media, or paid media campaigns
  • Coupons: Create unique codes—pre-generated or on-the-fly—for target consumers to receive a discount or reward that can be tracked back to the individual user
  • Bounceback Offers: Deliver offers that are printed on a consumer’s receipt at the POS and determine when an offer requires the consumer to provide a email address or cell phone number to redeem it
  • Coupon Counts: Set the maximum number of coupons that are generated for distribution for a specific campaign
  • Promotion Throttling: Set the maximum number of promotions that can be redeemed for a specific campaign
  • Coupon Throttling: Set the maximum number of times a specific user can redeem a coupon within a certain time period
  • Static Discounts: Configure discount offers by deducting a fixed percentage or dollar amount off an item
  • Dynamic Discounts: Configure discounts based on ticket size, multiple price levels which apply alternative pricing (i.e., Happy Hour, Tuesday nights, VIP), or pre-defined promotions to transactions that include items which meet pre-defined criteria (i.e., Buy-One-Get-One free, bundled pricing)
  • Qualification Criteria: Define offer eligibility requirements including valid time and date ranges, SKUs, receipt amounts, locations, and discounting rules

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