Bosch Cloud Robotics

by Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited

Bosch Cloud Robotics connects mobile robots from different manufacturers enabling holistic usecases

Why Bosch Cloud Robotics?
There are lots of different robot manufacturers on the market offering robots with a great variety of functionalities. Generally these are not compatible with each other. Often several types of mobile robots are required to cover all use case needs. This creates various challenges in setting up multi-robot operations.

How does it work?
Bosch has developed a robot management service that reads and translates actions and messages in both directions. Mobile robots of various manufacturers are coordinated and managed in one system. Maps of operation areas can be created to define possible movement paths as well as points of interest (charging, pick-up/drop-off and more). Jobs can be defined and executed according to their required capabilites by an intelligent fleet management.

What are your benefits?
The system guarantees jobs are always completed in the fastest and most efficient way. An intuitive user interface enables two-way communication in real-time and gives the user an overview of important events and states. In addition to that, a traffic management component optimizes routes on the fly and provides collision avoidance.

At a glance