Scale GenAI Platform (SaaS)

by Scale AI

Scale GenAI Platform enables you to accelerate and scale your GenAI journey

Accelerate and scale your Generative AI journey with Scale GenAI Platform, the full-stack platform to build, test, and deploy enterprise-ready applications, customized with your own data. Equip your entire organization to build solutions for any use case, with any model.

  • Customize Any Model

    • Customize, test, and deploy closed and open-source foundation, embedding, and reranking models from OpenAI, Meta, and more.

  • Any Use Case

    • Build Generative AI applications from advanced custom Copilots that summarize and cite your knowledge bases, to Text2SQL data analysis applications that make your analysts more efficient, and customer service solutions that directly answer customer questions or increase the productivity of agents, and beyond.

  • Enterprise-Ready

    • Securely customize and deploy enterprise-grade Generative AI applications in your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Role-based access controls (RBAC) and SAML SSO built in.

GenAI Platform is streamlined and centrally managed infrastructure, freeing you to address more Generative AI use cases across your organization and accelerate your time to production.

  • Fine-tune LLMs

    • Improve model performance on your domain-specific tasks, reduce hallucinations, and increase accuracy.

    • Fine-tune LLMs using your proprietary data to improve performance & reliability for any use case.

    • Leverage Scale Data Engine to transform your data, and generate the highest quality training data for any use case.

  • Test and Evaluation

    • Perform automated and human-in-the-loop benchmarking of the performance, reliability, and safety of your customized models or entire Generative AI applications.

  • Advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Tools

    • Our comprehensive toolset includes data connectors, custom embedding models, vector stores, chunk summarization, chunk and metadata extraction, advanced reranking, and RAG and reranker fine-tuning.

  • Deployments

    • Deploy, manage, and monitor your custom models with enterprise-grade safety and security built-in.

To get started you can create your Scale GenAI Platform organization right through the Azure Marketplace. To learn more, visit

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