TIMEA the chat bot


Your new colleague from HR

Currently, messaging applications are the most widely used features of smartphones and are the most popular form of communication. According to some studies:

·        Over 80% of employees use at least one professional text messaging application;

·        Approx. 89% of consumers prefer to request support from companies through text messages;

The employee's relationship with the HR department can be stressful, due to repeated administrative requests that, although they are essentially simple to solve, require time for both parties. A personal chatbot assistant can be a friendly interface that responds quickly to questions such as time management, issue of certificates and other standard HR documents, personal data management, internal procedures or access to colleagues' contact data.

We have developed Timea, a chatbot that supports text-type conversations with company employees in order to respond to requests routinely addressed to the human resources department. At the same time, it records all the data in the system, sends for approval the requirements of the employees and the necessary documents.


·        Reduce costs by reducing by more than 40% of the time dedicated to repetitive tasks: generating certificates, resting holidays or medical etc.

·        Respond to over 70% among the primary HR requirements of the employees, they were not obliged to go to the headquarters to solve them Available online 24/7, it never takes a vacation and never gets sick

·        Automatically records in the system all the data, which can be analyzed or reported immediately

·        Grows with the business, learns and becomes smarter as the day goes by Integrates easily into the computer systems of companies Provides Multilingual Support - perfect for companies that have English speakers

This application is available in english,romanian languages.

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