appICE Growth Marketing Platform

by Semusi Technologies

AppICE is a growth marketing platform driven by sensor data and AI

AppICE ensures customer profiling and segmentation is available on the fly and enables a single dashboard that tracks user’s life-cycle from ‘acquisition-to-monetization-to-churn’, audience-segmentation & profiling, as well as competitive knowledge. It also offers "Real time Context” for an effective campaign management, including the holy grail of ROI tracking as it provides full detail on effectiveness of acquisition channels to ensure your investments are justified.

This tools provides predictive and prescriptive insights about user interests and behavior in real time using the sensors on the mobile phone, backed with patented technology and machine learning.

For a marketer or product owner of a digital business, this would mean following benefits-
- Enhance campaign by targeting the right user with the right message at the right time
- Drive efficiency of marketing budgets, by spending the right amount in the right channels to achieve specific goals like - increase retention, personified marketing and ROI.

appICE has already been deployed with telecom operators, banks and manufacturing companies - and with significant benefits in managing their customer

We recently worked with a large private bank and helped increase the transactions of the wallet using appICE by providing –
1) Real Time Context (WHO is doing WHAT at WHERE and WHEN)
2) Operation Analytics (Real time correlation) and
3) Behavioral Insights & User patterns (Detect moments of truth)
enabling them to react to situational events, engage in personalized & in-the-moment experiences with their users, driving satisfaction, loyalty and in turn transactions over the lifetime of usage.
We increased there Transactions by 8% and Repeat Usage by 23%.

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